Packaging and Ordering FAQ







Key Packing, located near Robbins, North Carolina,

slaughters and packages all of our beef. 

They are a NCDA inspected facility.

We ask for an estimated half payment up front.

How to estimate the cost of the beef.

How many steaks?, How many roasts? here to see an estimated percentage breakdown.

You can use our Buy Now page in order to pay the half up front with credit card (via PayPal).

Or, you can write a check.  Either way, please call and contact us first before ordering to be sure

we still have enough animals available.

Grandview Farms (919)837-8766 or (919)542-8401

All meat is flash frozen and wrapped in vacuum sealed bags that are all labeled.

After we have taken the animals into Key Packing,

you will need to call them (919)464-3507  and place your custom packaging order.

You can use the Beef form as a guideline, but

someone at Key will walk you through the process, which only takes about 5-10 minutes.

When placing your hamburger order, make sure you let Key know how

much percent fat content you want in your hamburger.

The beef will hang in a cooler at Key Packing for roughly 10-14 days,

dry aging, which also aids in the tenderizing of the meat.


For this reason, the beef will not be ready for pick up until nearly two weeks after the slaughter date.

Key can make hamburger patties if you request them during your order. 

They do charge extra for this.


We now ask that you pick up your beef directly from Key Packing, located at 596 Maness Rd. Robbins, NC.

Final payment for the beef is due prior to pick up.

Checks are to be made payable to:  Grandview Farms

(no out of state or two party checks accepted)

If paying the final payment via credit card (PayPal), you must have paid prior to the delivery.

We will not allow pick up of beef that is not paid for in full.

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* Note: This is dependent upon how each customer has their meat packaged and cut.