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  Grandview Farms is located in Chatham County North Carolina.

We started raising beef cattle in 1995 in order to provide food for our own kitchen table.  We started our herd with two Black Angus heifers, Buttercup and Helga.  As of today, we now have 10 brood cows, 1 bull.  We are a "Grass Fed" only operation; thus, our beef is very lean and tasty.

We sell beef that is raised on feed free of animal by-products, free of added growth hormones, and free of antibiotics.

Our motto is, "We only sell what we would eat ourselves."

In addition to the cattle, we also raise free-range chickens, from which we collect the eggs and sell locally.

We have been told by our customers that  we provide a service to the public by offering locally grown, quality beef, skipping the middleman and grocery store chains, thus saving the end customer money and at the same time providing a secure, safe product they can trust.

As part of the North Carolina Beef Quality Assurance Program, Grandview Farms has become a certified Beef Quality Assurance producer, as of March 7th, 2006.  We are also a member of the "Goodness Grows in North Carolina" program.

Call or contact us at (919)542-8401